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We take action 
education |organizing | Social justice

Advocating for social justice, Empowering our communities to know they are the answer,  and Promoting Black liberation since 2014.

Our History

TAMV started in 2014 after Autumn Perkins (We Need Justice Too) put a call out regarding homicides of black people getting solved in Pittsburgh. At the time Fawn Walker-Montgomery was on McKeesport City Council and Mae Herriott Hudson just lost her son. TAMV had meetings in McKeesport and noted that people were coming from throughout the Mon Valley”. Therefore, TAMV was created with co-founders Mae Herriott Hudson and Fawn Walker-Montgomery.

Our Why

Representation! Those who suffer social injustices are on a lifelong journey to find liberation mentally, physically and spiritually. We are often riddled by stigmas and stereotypes, manipulated by systems and agendas which in turn silences our voice and power within. We exist to address these social injustices, reignite the voice of those marginalized, and influence our communities through organizing and education.

Our Truth


of program participants

are women


of program participants identify as Black or African American


of program participants are Black women

Our Purpose

TAAG’s overall purpose is to equip communities with the necessary knowledge to leverage local grassroots community organizing, to gain power & influence over decisions that directly affect them, thus creating sustainable change and increasing the conscious level of residents.

Our Mission

We empower and equip those experiencing social injustices through grassroots community organizing and skill building in order to solve current/future problems through education, community organizing and promoting Black Liberation.

Our Vision

We envision closing the gap for those who suffer social injustices so they can live in their truth without apology, limitation, stigma, or oppressive stereotypes or expectations.

Our Values

  • Understanding Power

  • Exploring & Shifting Individual Mindsets

  • Education around organizing

  • Increasing Conscious Level

  • Honoring The Black Experience & Black Liberation

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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Fawn has a BA from Johnson C. Smith University (HBCU) and a Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration from Point Park University. With over eighteen years of experience in politics, community organizing, advocacy, and non-profit management, Fawn focuses on the following specific consulting services:

  • Non-Partisan Political Consulting: Manage local (city council/school board etc.) and statewide campaigns for prospective candidates; elected officials; individuals; groups; communities and organizations.

  • Community: Help communities; non-profits; churches; individuals; families; community-based organizations & leaders to effectively mobilize around issues they care about.

  • Organizational: Assist organizations with team building; problem-solving; media management; program development; staff training; diversity/inclusion; grant writing and process/policy development.

CEO & Founder

As a consultant Fawn’s mission is to change systems by electing new leaders, impacting present leaders through organizational change, challenging the status quo with advocacy & organizing, and supporting impactful community organizations. This mission is further reflected in the range of services Fawn provides:

  • Organizational Training & Development

  • Child and Family Advocacy

  • Group, Peer, Citizen, and Professional Advocacy

  • Community Organizing, Development and Program Planning

  • Strategic and Campaign Plan Development

  • Facilitate Community Meetings and Panels

  • Organizational & Municipal Policy Development

  • Grant Writing

  • Political Consulting

  • Non-Profit Business Consulting

  • Basic Flyers

  • Document presentation creation

  • Cover Letters & Resumes

board of advisors

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Natalie Ferguson Reid, Ed.S

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Sharlise Spindle

Maria Guido.jpg

Maria Guido

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Brittani Murray

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