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it's our duty to 

impact communities

influence systems

amplify your power & voice

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​​It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains. ~ Assata Shakur


workshops & training

It is essential for us to explore, educate, and shift the mindsets of those who are living, serving, and/or working in marginalized communities. 

We do this by offering workshops and training around community organizing, advocacy work, mental wellness, and more to community partners, leaders, organizations, and individuals. 

Interested in hosting a workshop for your staff or community, Click Here

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COmmunity organizing

Community organizing is about rallying people together and teaching them key principles to create an impact on social justice issues that affect all marginalized individuals including poverty, women, veterans, disabled, LGBTQIA+, people of color, etc. 

Social justice is the relation of balance between individuals and society measured by comparing the distribution of wealth differences, from personal liberties to fair privilege opportunities.

We address social justice from the lens of

  • Increasing people’s conscious level of what social justice is

  • Amplifying their voice to effectively advocate

  • Understanding intersectionality & equity

Community Organizing
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black liberation 

We are on a lifelong journey to find liberation mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Mentally, it is our desire to see our people live in their truth, with no apologies, limitations, stigmas, or succumbing to stereotypes and expectations society has placed on us. 

Know Your Power! Know You Are The Answer!

Physically, it is our hope to invite our people to explore and experience rest. Many of us weren't taught how to rest our minds, bodies, and spirits which is critical given the history of our people.

Rest | Rejuvenate | Restart |  Repeat 

Spiritually it is important for us to respect that we don’t all have the same perspectives, understand white supremacy ideology, and acknowledge how religion and political issues have been used to control us.  We Are Not A Monolith

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Regional chapters

Our chapters are comprised of residents who live in various and desire to organize around issues that directly affect them. In addition, they support TAAG campaigns, programs, and initiatives. All chapters receive training and/or attend workshops that better aid them in their fight for justice and liberation.

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We spearhead initiatives as well as support local initiatives that align with our values and causes. We strongly believe in instilling support is a part of our victory.  Our initiatives include

  • PACC - focused on policing in Allegheny County

  •  No To School Police - focused on helping our youth find their voice to stand against school police & racism 

  • Murders of Black Transwomen

  •  Immigration Rights

  • Neighborhood Community and Gun Violence

  • Criminal Justice Reform 

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights

  • Transportation Rights 

  • Environmental Justice

  • Immigration Rights

  • Importance of Voting 

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Victim advocacy

We are aware that violent situations happen within various sectors of our communities- where we shop, where we live, whom we trust to protect and run our cities, etc. We make it a priority to listen, process, and support those who have experienced community violence through our victim advocacy work.


It is our hope to generate solutions to community violence as we fight for justice alongside those who suffered.  Any person, group, etc. can make a complaint by following the process below:

1. Submit a complaint form our website

2. Our staff will review and call within 1-2 business days 

3. Our team will further review the complaint and create a plan of action which will include support, resources, & next steps


4. We will work diligently to execute the action plan which may include call to action, petitions, press releases, court appearances, acquiring legal representation, attending legislative meetings, and any other necessary actions. 

Victim Advocacy


There are two consulting options to choose from:

Consult with Take Action Advocacy Group

For individuals, community groups, churches, small nonprofits, etc. who are looking to make a change in their community. Here we do community and individual training on organizing, social justice, abolition, starting an initiative in your community, movement building, Black liberation, protest/call to action planning, systematic/structural racism, meeting facilitation and strategic planning, etc. In addition, assist people in starting a TAMV chapter.


A community service rate starting at $25 an hour is available for this service.

Consult with our CEO, Fawn Walker-Montgomery 

As a consultant Fawn’s mission is to change systems by electing new leaders, impacting present leaders through organizational change, challenging the status quo with advocacy & organizing, and supporting impactful community organizations. 

With over eighteen years of experience in politics, community organizing, advocacy, and non-profit management, Fawn focuses on the following specific consulting services:

  • Non-Partisan Political Consulting: Manage local (city council/school board etc.) and statewide campaigns for prospective candidates; elected officials; individuals; groups; communities and organizations.

  • Community: Help communities; non-profits; churches; individuals; families; community-based organizations & leaders to effectively mobilize around issues they care about.

  • Organizational: Assist organizations with team building; problem-solving; media management; program development; staff training; diversity/inclusion; grant writing and process/policy development.

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