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What consulting service are your interested in? (See detailed description below)

Consulting With Fawn Walker Montgomery​

  • Non-Partisan Political Consulting: Manage local (city council/school board etc.) and statewide campaigns for prospective candidates; elected officials; individuals; groups; communities and organizations.

  • Community: Help communities; non-profits; churches; individuals; families; community-based organizations & leaders to effectively mobilize around issues they care about.

  • Organizational: Assist organizations with team building; problem-solving; media management; program development; staff training; diversity/inclusion; grant writing and process/policy development.

Hourly-all services start at $100 an hour but may increase depending on the type and scope of work requested.

What other services are you interested in?

TAAG Community Consulting 

For individuals, community groups, churches, small nonprofits, etc. who are looking to make a change in their community. Here we do community and individual training on organizing, social justice, abolition, starting an initiative in your community, movement building, Black liberation, protest/call to action planning, systematic/structural racism, meeting facilitation and strategic planning, etc. In addition, assist people in starting a TAMV chapter.


A community service rate starting at $25 an hour is available for this service.

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