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McKeesport Action- Related to Koby Francis

If you have been affected by the incident on Dec. 20 where your rights were violated via illegal searches, harm, emotional trauma, etc., please complete the form below so we can assist you. 

On Dec. 20th a McKeesport police officer was shot in front of the police station.  The officer has recovered is doing better. We recognize the humanity in all people including this officer and wish him a full and complete recovery. With that said, we also need to voice our complete dissatisfaction with the disregard and disrespect of the residents of McKeesport. The shooting of one of your officers does not erase the fourth amendment rights afforded to every single resident McKeesport. Our goal is to assure that Koby is afforded the same grace that various white suspects are and BROUGHT IN ALIVE so he can have his day in court. Moreover, that police stop violating the Fourth Amendment rights of McKeesport residents are safe from illegal searches, harm, and emotional trauma etc.

Are you a family member, friend, or acquaintance of alleged suspect, Koby Francis?
I would like help with the following:
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