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Dominique Burwell's Story| #JusticeForDorian

January 2024

Through the collective efforts of the family and every one of you who made calls and took action, an arrest has finally been made. While none of this brings Dorian back, it's a first step in the family's pursuit of justice.


UPDATE: TAAG did attend the Council meeting with the family. They had a chance to speak with the Clairton police and Mayor regarding their treatment of Dorian's case. The Allegheny County police have communicated that they will make an arrest soon. We will keep everyone updated!

For months Dominique Burwell searched for her son Dorian who went missing from Clairton, PA in June 2022. She went to the Clairton police for help immediately. Dominique communicated that they were slow to help, took a while to complete a missing person’s report and racially profiled her child (saying he maybe is in a gang etc.). Therefore, Dominique and her family started investigating and found answers on their own. They always gave this information to the police (Clairton & Allegheny County Police). However, they rarely made any moves until the family went to the media and the public. Dominique and her family found his bookbag in a wooded area after receiving various messages from unknown people. This led to his remains being found in November of 2022 close to the families home. Dorian wasn’t identified until February 8th, 2023.

Dorian deserved more from the police who are supposed to be here to protect us! Dominique feels like she was ignored and left to wonder where her son was for nearly 8 months. The strength Dominique and her family showed should not be asked of anyone.

Unfortunately, we have heard stories similar to Dominique from various families. More specifically, the lack of empathy, follow up or concern, etc. We’re asking people to call the Clairton police department, Allegheny County police and DA.

Clairton Police Chief - (412) 233-6213

Allegheny County DA

Stephen Zappala, Jr.


Christopher Kearns Superintendent Allegheny County Police

(412) 473-1200

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