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Updated: Dec 8, 2023


December 2023 Update

A Clear Abuse of Power:

PA State Troopers and the Washington County DA: Raid the Washington County Coroner and Solicitor's Office!

Last month, we announced that the Washington County Coroner has recommended charging Mount Pleasant Township police officer Tyler Evans with the fatal shooting of Eduardo Hoover, Jr. This is a significant development in the family's pursuit of justice. However, the response from the Washington County DA (Jason Walsh) was insensitive and unnecessary, as he dismissed the coroner's decision as "theatrical nonsense." Now, the PA state troopers and the DA have raided the coroner’s office. Yesterday, Channel 11 reported that their goal was to confiscate records regarding the coroner's inquest into a deadly officer-involved shooting earlier this year. Yes, you read that correctly - they raided the coroner's office. It’s a clear abuse of power and aligns with the District Attorney's history of issues related to using the death penalty. To further this cause, we’re urging individuals to contact both the DA, PA Attorney General and the US Attorney.

October 2023 Update

Washington County Coroner has recommended that Mount Pleasant Township police officer Tyler Evans should be charged with the fatal shooting of Eduardo!!

There was a coroner's inquiry conducted on Monday, October 23, 2023. Our CEO, Fawn Walker Montgomery, attended with the family. Let us begin by saying that this entire situation is not natural. No parent or loved one should have to witness a video of their child being killed by the police, or anyone for that matter. Our hearts break for the Hoover family and all the families we work with who have to go through this.

Regarding the inquiry, it should be noted that since the police chase crossed various counties, multiple police departments were involved. These included the PA State Police, Mount Pleasant, and Smith Township departments. Throughout the inquiry, several inconsistencies were identified. For example, one of the officers claimed to have seen Mr. Hoover reaching for something during the 18-minute police chase. However, during the hearing, several videos were shown, that didn't show this. Additionally, none of the officers attended the hearing. Specifically, the officers and chiefs from both departments had their subpoenas dismissed by a local judge without any explanation. They did submit reports in their absence. Furthermore, the incident was investigated by the PA State Police, but the lead investigator did not appear, violating a subpoena. He also only submitted 60 pages out of a 209-page report. When the hearing officer suggested sending the Sheriff to retrieve them, the response was "that's not necessary" because he had submitted a report".

The reports claimed that the officers shouted "get out of the car" before shooting and that Mr. Hoover rammed the car twice. However, it was noted that the videos did not show evidence of these claims. Additionally, one of the officers' body cameras conveniently malfunctioned. There are so many inconsistencies and issues here. If any of us failed to appear in court, we would be in jail. Mr. Hoover's father and uncle mentioned how the police could have attempted de-escalation techniques, pointing out that other white suspects have been apprehended alive. They also stated that Mr. Hoover was unarmed and had recently checked himself into a facility for treatment. No one should lose their life due to a mental health crisis.

One day after the hearing, on October 26th, 2023, the Washington County coroner (S.Timothy Warco) is recommending criminal charges (involuntary manslaughter) against Mount Pleasant Township police officer Tyler Evans. Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh concluded a few months ago that the shooting was justifiable. On Friday, October 27th, 2023, he insensitively refused to change his ruling. Walsh stated, "I don't have the time nor the inclination to participate in the coroner's theatrical nonsense," referring to the coroner's recommendations as an "overreach." He also remarked that it was not appropriate for the principles of fairness and the rule of law. This is a matter of someone's life that we are discussing. Please find the full article, pattern of behavior by Washington County DA, other essential news/media pieces, and ways you can assist below.

Pattern of Behavior:

The Washington County District Attorney has a track record of making controversial rulings, particularly in cases involving the deaths of BIPOC individuals, and he also has a notably high rate of seeking the death penalty. Mr. Walsh needs to step down from his position while the state conducts an investigation into this. Please read the articles below for more information:

Other Related Articles:


The family needs a civil attorney. If you can help email us at or text 412-440-8268.


Contact Jason Walsh, District Attorney Washington County 724-


Contact, Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry at 717-787-3391.


  • Mount Pleasant Township police officer Tyler Evans should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

  • Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh should resign and be investigated for his past decisions in cases involving BIPOC individuals as well as his use of the death penalty.


Eduardo Hoover Jr. was 38 years old when he was shot to death by police officers in

Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Investigators claimed that everything started because Eduardo was driving recklessly and did not pull over for the traffic cop. Police claim that he “rammed his truck” into a police car and was “attempting to drive toward officers”. This is when Pennsylvania State Police then started shooting at Eduardo. He died at the scene. Another police shooting where a Brown person is dead. We have seen police arrest white people and

they manage to stay alive as well as get their day in court.

Mr. Hoover was a father of three and a veteran. His family described him as a creative, great guy who persevered despite everything he faced in his life. The last text Eduardo Jr. sent his dad was about him moving back home to “get his life back together”. Washington County

District Attorney Jason Walsh decided that the fatal shooting of Eduardo was “justified”. Everyone has the right to their day and court. He was not armed, there should have been other techniques used to de-escalate besides deadly force. There has also been a lack of transparency with evidence and little to no communication between the police and the family.

Eduardo’s father is in need of an attorney to help the family get justice. He is also demanding better de-escalation training and transparency from the police. Please contact us if you know any lawyers that can help. In addition, contact the Washington County DA’s office to demand that the investigation be re-opened.

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