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Updated: Aug 30


Eduardo Hoover Jr. was 38 years old when he was shot to death by police officers in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Investigators claimed that everything started because Eduardo was driving recklessly and did not pull over for the traffic cop. Police claim that he “rammed his truck” into a police car and was “attempting to drive toward officers”. This is when Pennsylvania State Police then started shooting at Eduardo. He died at the scene. Another police shooting where a Brown person is dead. We have seen police arrest white people and

they manage to stay alive as well as get their day in court.

Mr. Hoover was a father of three and a veteran. His family described him as a creative, great guy who persevered despite everything he faced in his life. The last text Eduardo Jr. sent his dad was about him moving back home to “get his life back together”. Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh decided that the fatal shooting of Eduardo was “justified”. Everyone has the right to their day and court. He was not armed, there should have been other techniques used to de-escalate besides deadly force. There has also been a lack of transparency with evidence and little to no communication between the police and the family.

Eduardo’s father is in need of an attorney to help the family get justice. He is also demanding better de-escalation training and transparency from the police. Please contact us if you know any lawyers that can help. In addition, contact the Washington County DA’s office to demand that the investigation be re-opened.


The family is in need of an attorney. If you can help email us at


Contact Jason Walsh, District Attorney Washington County 724-228-6790 (demand they reopen the case).

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