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Flecia (D-Rock's) Harvey's Fight for Justice (Penn Hills)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


December 2023

Thanks to Flecia's hard work and dedication, along with all of you making calls and taking action, the charges have been dropped. Although her neighbor continues to deliberately annoy them, his tactics have somewhat subsided for now. This is a small victory in the ongoing struggle for Flecia and her family. Please keep calling and, if possible, attend council meetings with D-Rock.


October 2023

*All information is public knowledge as there are active court cases open and Flecia has spoken to the news media*.

Flecia did attend court about the fence. The judge ruled that he was not in competent of court, citing that Flecia didn't get the paperwork in on time. She did obtain an attorney and has another court date for the fence etc.


All of this has occurred since 2020. While it did subside for a few months it didn't stop. Now, he may scream over the gate once a month and make a fuss if they have guests park close to his space. Flecia is still dealing with appeals for unjust charges. Recently, her neighbor has been messing with their mailbox on the state road. They did get a new one, only for it to undergo minor damages a few days later. However, it still remains in tact and Flecia can now receive mail.

She has called on public servants that are paid to protect, serve, and do their job without bias! When she reached out about the harassment from her neighbor, she was not met with protection! Please help us demand justice by attending a council meeting and contacting local officials. We are demanding that police arrest and charge Flecia's neighbor and that they assist in assuring that their mailbox goes unharmed. Moreover, that Penn Hills create a race relations/diversity committee with residents. Please contact the people listed below.

Penn Hills Police Chief

Ronald Como

P: 412.342.1088 E:

Mayor of Penn Hills

Pauline Calabrese

P: 412-342-1086 | E:

Flecia attends council meetings monthly and is in need of a real estate lawyer. If you can attend with her email us at or text 412-440-8268.

Update September 2023

Flecia and her partner communicated that their neighbor violated a court order that prohibited either party from touching the fence for 30 days. Moreover, that he proceeded to use a forklift to tear down a 25-yard fence on D-Rock's property. D-Rock tried to hold onto the fence, but she was pulled down along with it. She suffered injuries and had to be taken to the hospital due to minor bruises, but she was discharged and is now doing ok. The police were called, but no arrests were made. Flecia also informed the judge about the fence incident.

TAAG is deeply concerned about the safety of everyone involved. D Rock stated that their neighbor (Ramin Fashandi) trespassed onto their property and deliberately destroyed a 25-yard fence. Moreover, as previously stated, this behavior extends to anyone who supports them. TAAG and Project Matters representatives have received messages on social media. However, we will not be deterred.

We need assistance in finding a lawyer specializing in real estate or property matters. Moreover, we urge individuals to attend an event taking place on Saturday at the Penn Hills library from 2-5 PM. This event aims to highlight social injustice in Penn Hills and is co-hosted by Project Matters, 1 Hood, and TAAG. If you have any inquiries or can offer assistance, please reach out to us via email at or text at 412-440-8268.

Pictures of Fence Before It Was Tore Down:


Past News Article:

Pics posted on Flecia's social media:

Video of racist behaviors we received when advocating for this at a Council meeting. More specifically, the meeting was hacked, and racist comments were shared etc.:

Background and Full Story

TAAG has been working with Flecia to address racial harassment from her neighbor since 2020. We have worked with groups such as Project Matters to release calls to action, hold actions, provide court & legal assistance and attend council meetings.

Flecia (D-Rock) Harvey is an elder in the LGBTQIA+ community who has been organizing for years. She and her partner moved to Penn Hills in 2020. What they thought was their dream home has turned into a nightmare. Ms. Harvey and her partner have communicated that they have experienced racial harassment and jokes made about their sexual orientation etc., at the hand of their neighbor who is white. The issue started over a shared property (small parking area). These issues have led to various calls to the police and elected officials for assistance. Ms. Harvey and her partner were charged with two misdemeanors. TAAG started working with the family in 2020 after they reached out for help on how to address the harassment.

We have assisted with raising awareness about the constant harassment through a community cookout (done with Project Matters), call to action, filing complaints, appeals, and attending council meetings. Moreover, helped them to address the charges. While some have been dismissed (after doing community service) there are two in appeal. After Flecia went to the media the neighbor received a small charge resulting in only a fine. Ms. Harvey has described the harassment in various Facebook posts, council meetings, protests, and the media (newspapers, etc.).

She has tapes of her neighbor shooting harassing remarks and pictures of offensive signs he posted. All of this was shown to Penn Hills Police, the magistrate, Mayor, and Manager. Their only response was to give a small charge, fine and tell him to stop. Ms. Harvey and her partner have experienced the following (Flecia & her partner communicated that they have experienced the following listed below):

  1. Their cat has been killed. They communicated to us, that they believe the neighbor has something to do with this.

  2. Trespassed on my property and sprayed her grass with an unknown chemical.

  3. Put a black face scarecrow facing her bedroom window.

  4. Uprooted her mailbox while her mail was still inside and moved it to his backyard.

  5. Circled her home, at night, while his high beams were on.

  6. Berated her to go back to the city.

  7. Pulled out his gun on her.

  8. Placed a face mask on her fence full of spit.

  9. Cut her grass without her permission.

  10. Stalked her and harassed anybody that supported her on social media.

  11. Encroached her property line.

  12. Placed a 6 foot, black fence in front of her home, blocking her view.

  13. Put up a "No Trespassing" sign on a common road we share

  14. Removed her no trespassing sign and fence that was on her property.

  15. Followed her around when she worked the census in Penn Hills 2020.

  16. Removed her political support signs.

  17. Had a skeleton holding its private area facing her home.

  18. Made sexual threats towards her.

  19. Told her that he is not going to stop until she moves.

  20. Had a shed facing my home with "The Frog" sign on it.

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